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Dash camera memory card recording times

If you have or are looking for a dash camera, it is possible you are wondering how much video or footage from the dash camera you can save to the memory card in the camera.

Thinkware X500 Dash Cam

The simple answer is that the amount of minutes of storage capacity on each camera will vary.

The recording times are based on several variables:

  • The quality at which the video is recorded, this includes the resolution and frame rate.
  • Whether it is just one camera in the front or another in the rear too.
  • The memory card or storage capacity available in the camera.
  • Other camera features such as the software to run the camera being on the memory card and secure recordings being saved.
However, despite these variables, the following table should give you a ‘guide’ as to how many minutes of recording is available based on the recording resolution and frame rate and the memory in the dash cam.

Dash Cam Memory Storage

If you require more accurate data then you will need to consult with the manufacturer of the dash camera you have or wish to own as they will be better placed to give this precise information.

Do be aware that most cameras will employ a loop recording facility whereby when the memory runs out, it overwrites the oldest recordings, thus able to record continuously.  However if you wish to keep footage for longer you will need to opt for the larger memory options.  Just be sure to check your camera supports the larger card sizes, moist will support up to 64GB.

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