Doro 6520 User Guide/Manual

The new Doro 6520 is a traditional ‘clamshell’ flip-phone design. This is compact and portable, with far superior battery life to current all-touch smartphones.
The 6520 is a feature phone at heart – it doesn’t have all of the capabilities of a true smartphone. However there is still the capability for basic 3G Internet connectivity. This lets you receive emails and keep up to date with news while away from home.

doro 6520

Doro 6520 User Guide

Below you can find the digital version of the Doro 6520 user manual. If you would like a printed version, please click here.

Hopefully the user manual will answer any of the outstanding questions that you have about the device. If there is anything that isn’t covered though, or if you have any questions prior to purchasing, please feel free to ask in the comments or to contact our sales team.


Doro 6520 at a glance

  • Traditional clam shell (flip-phone) design
  • Simple and intuitive interface
  • Bright 2.8″ screen
  • Large physical buttons with high contrast for navigation and typing
  • Internet connectivity for browsing and emails
  • Adjustable font and menu sizes
  • My Doro Manager compatible
  • Hearing aid compatible


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