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    25+ Years experience
    Founded in 1992

    How to update the regional firmware for Thinkware F800 Pro

    Released in August 2017, the Thinkware F800 Pro is a step up in quality from previous models.

    Thinkware F800 Pro main

    Featuring upgraded Sony STARVIS sensors for improved low-light and night-vision recording, the F800 PRO also has an all-black design. Even better, it will be able to receive an upgrade in late 2017  for ‘Air’ features. This update will provide Cloud backup and remote control via a connected Thinkware app.

    Thinkware F800 Pro is available from Clove Technology in the UK. This will ship with the UK firmware installed on the included SD card. The UK safety camera database will be alongside this.

    Thinkware also provide regional firmware for several other countries. Changing regional firmware will update the spoken voice, as well as data for speed and driver assistance warnings relevant to local regulations.

    Updating Thinkware F800 Pro Firmware

    Up to date information, files and instructions can always be found on the official Thinkware Support website.

    To change the regional firmware, or manually update to a new version, please follow the instructions below:

    1. Download the latest firmware e.g. “” by selecting the appropriate geographic region. Obtain the file from Thinkware Support or our list below
    2. Unzip the downloaded file into the root directory of your MicroSD Card
      • [SD_ROOT]:/X500_pkg.bin
      • [SD_ROOT]:/MicomFirmware.hex
      • [SD_ROOT]:/Setting/default.cfg
      • [SD_ROOT]:/X500_Setting.exe
    3. Download the latest speed/red-light camera data file e.g. “smartguidepoint.dx2” in accordance to the geographic region. Obtain the file from Thinkware Support or our list below
    4. Copy the downloaded “smartguidepoint.dx2” file into the “driveinfo” folder. If “driveinfo” folder does not exist in the root directory of your MicroSD Card, please create it
      • [SD_ROOT]:/driveinfo/smartguidepoint.dx2
    5. Insert the MicroSD Card into the dash cam unit
    6. The device will start upgrading once the voice notification The upgrade will now start is played
    7. When complete, the dash cam will operate with the latest firmware

    If your country of residence is outside the supported regions for speed and red light camera alerts, or if you wish to disable the alerts altogether, please skip the 3rd and 4th step.

    If firmware upgrade is continued for more than 5 minutes, it means that firmware file is corrupt.

    In this case, please delete the downloaded .bin, .rom or .pkg file and re-download the firmware file into MicroSD Card. Restart the procedure from step 2 again.

    Thinkware F800 Pro Firmware 1.00.02 (update August 17th 2017)

    Below are the original 1.00.02 release regional versions of the F800 Pro firmware. Please note that once installed, your F800 Pro may automatically update over the air (OTA) if in range of a trusted Wi-Fi network.

    Thinkware F800 Pro Safety Camera details (update July 3rd 2017)

    Below are the safety camera data files for various global regions. Please note these must be installed alongside the associated regional firmware. Once installed, your F800 Pro may automatically update these details over the air (OTA) if in range of a trusted Wi-Fi network.

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