Motorola G7 Plus User Manual

Moto G7 Plus Royo
One of the great features of modern smartphones, is the ability to take high-quality photos virtually anyway. The Moto G7 Plus with its feature packed camera enables you to take stunning photos in a variety of conditions, including low-light. So, you can always capture that special moment.AI-Powered Camera Software uses smart composition to capture the best possible image. So, you don’t have to worry about setup of the camera when you are in the moment. It has numerous other useful features including High Res Zoom, Auto Smile capture, Burst Shot and many others.


The 6.2” Full HD+ Max Vision display is the largest ever available on a Moto G smartphone. It has a minimalist U design which creates and ultrawide look for more immersive viewing, as it has a 19:9 aspect ratio. Which is ideal for watching movies and playing the latest games.

 Motorola G7 Plus | £281.99 inc-VAT

 Want to know more before you buy? Below you can find the digital version of the Motorola G7 Plus user manual – click the PDF icon to download it, or access it here. If you would like a printed version, please click here.

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