Nokia 1.3 - Great Specs on a Budget!


Under £80 for a feature-packed device?! You'd be mad not to!


Featuring a sizeable 5.71" display, the Nokia 1.3 can handle all of your viewing and interfacing needs. Big enough that you can see everything in your favourite videos, but not so big that you are still able to access the entire screen with ease; this phone finds a happy medium between form and functionality.

With a display resolution of 720x1520 (HD+), you'll always be able to see every detail in your photos and videos.

A.I. Camera

An 8MP main camera is nothing to scoff at for the price of this device, and considering the built-in A.I. functionality; there's even more bang-for-your-buck available with the Nokia 1.3. There is also a 5MP front-facing selfie camera, so you are really being spoiled at this price point...

The A.I. features really shine (ironically) when it comes to shooting in low-light conditions.

Google Assistant

One of the side-buttons on the Nokia 1.3 is dedicated to your Google Assistant.

If you've not heard of this, or have never used it before; Google Assistant is fully integrated and is designed to help you manage your tasks, control your media, check the weather and get answers to your questions, fast.

Push the button and just say what you want to do/know/hear and Google Assistant will get it done! 

All of the essentials...

Rounding out the previously mentioned feature-set; you also get a Qualcomm QM215 Processor and 1GB RAM, Dual-SIM (for personal/work-life separation), 16GB internal storage and Android 10 (GO Edition), all of which make the Nokia 1.3 a great choice for a day-to-day smartphone that does it all.

Reasons to buy a Nokia 1.3

  • Android 10 (GO Edition)
  • Qualcomm QM215 Processor
  • 8MP Rear Camera (with A.I. functionality)
  • 5MP Front-Facing Selfie Camera
  • Google Assistant Button
  • 5.71" HD+ Display


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