Nokia 8.3 5G - The Smartphone Photographers Dream-Phone?

The Quad-Camera

The Nokia 8.3 features a brilliant quad-lens main-camera (with ZEISS optics) array including; a super detailed 64MP main lens, 12MP ultra-wide, 2MP depth and another 2MP Macro lens. All of these aspects combine to make a truly formidable camera, capable of shooting and filming with very high definition (including 4K videos!). From wide landscape shots to close-ups on insects, this device has got you covered.

The front-facing camera is just as impressive, sporting a 24MP lens (also with ZEISS optics and HDR), keeping your selfies crystal clear.

Image/Video Capabilities

As mentioned above, the camera on this thing is truly amazing, but it's even more so when you look into some of the processing and capabilities built-in to the Nokia 8.3 5G. 

Efficient low-light shooting, active HDR and ZEISS cinematic effects mean that this smartphone is ready when you are, able to shoot at night while retaining the high quality image resolution that you'd expect from an HDR camera, brilliantly reproduced on the 6.81" display (featuring PureDisplay Technology).

Similarly, where would a great-quality video be without equally great sound? The Nokia 8.3 can record 360-degree (spatial and directional) full frequency audio to supplement your video in order to make the experience as true-to-life as possible, as if you were in the moment every time you watch.

5G Connectivity

With their mass-rollout in 2019, 5G data services supply the fastest connection speeds of any cellular infrastructure to date, and by a long-shot.

These lightning-quick speeds allow you to effortlessly share your high-res shots and 4K movies from the Nokia 8.3 5G, while providing seamless streaming and gaming connections, so that nothing will ever get in the way of your entertainment.

Under The Hood

All of the previously mentioned capabilities of the Nokia 8.3 5G are made possible by the powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 756G processor, 6GB of RAM and the integrated Android 10 (with Android One) OS.

Boasting 5G optimisation and a "premium-tier experience" for gamers and streamers alike, the Snapdragon 756G is 10% faster than the next available model of processor from Qualcomm and runs with energy efficiency in mind, so you can game with players from around the world without worrying about your battery depleting in the middle of a game!

Is the Nokia 8.3 5G Waterproof?

Once again we revisit the question on everyone's mind; is it waterproof?

In this case; no, the Nokia 8.3 5G is not waterproof.

Reasons to buy the Nokia 8.3 5G

  • Amazing Quad-Camera Setup with ZEISS Optics
  • 5G Mobile Data Connectivity
  • Super-fast Qualcomm Snapdragon 756G Processor
  • Large 6.81" Display (PureDisplay Technology)
  • Android 10 with Android One
  • Fast-Charging Compatible
  • Lightweight - 220g



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