Sony Xperia L4

Sony Xperia L4
The Sony Xperia L range continues to offer us great value with a sophisticated look which is super easy to use. As opposed to previous models, The Xperia L4 has improvements to the display, camera and storage capacity. It is an effortless style, has a long lasting battery and a triple camera. These are just a handful of things we can expect from this smartphone.


Sony really are pulling out all the stops with their cameras at the moment. The Xperia L4 has three cameras, each one with different qualities for you to be as creative as you can be.

Featuring a 13MP (26mm) Wide, 5MP (17mm) Ultrawide and 2MP Depth lenses, this camera arrangement allows you to switch between standard, wide and ultra wide shooting modes and different formats and aspect ratios, presenting you with limitless possibilities to capture any moment in any way.

There is also an 8MP Front camera sat in an unobtrusive notch at the top of the display; not getting in the way of your day-to-day use, but is ready to go when you need to selfie!

Is the Sony Xperia L4 Waterproof?

An ever popular question amongst consumers for any smartphone is; is the thing waterproof?

The answer in this case: No.

However, there are a few options for waterproofing in the form of 3rd party cases and accessories, so fear not!

One Hand Operation & Multi-tasking

The Xperia L4 is "made for multi-tasking", allowing the user to have multiple windows/tabs open on the display, so you can watch that Netflix documentary whilst messaging your friends about it on the same screen!

Similarly, the mini display feature enable easy one-hand operation and interaction by minimising the interface and moving it to the side of your dominant hand.


The 6.2 inch display with a 21:9 cinematic aspect ratio utilises the entire screen to bring you an in-depth viewing experience.

Internal and Expandable Storage

With a respectable 64GB of internal storage capacity, the Xperia L4 will not run out of space in the short-term. 

However, if you are avidly snapping photos and downloading apps on a daily basis, you can upgrade the storage with up to 512GB on top using a Micro SD card, so you won't be stranded without storage any time soon.

Reasons to buy the Sony Xperia L4

  • Android 9.0 (Pie)
  • 6.2" HD+ LCD display (21:9 widescreen ratio)
  • Triple rear camera 13MP + 5MP ultrawide + 2MP depth
  • 8MP front-facing camera F2.0 lens 78° wide-angle
  • MediaTek MT6762 mobile platform
  • Side-mounted fingerprint sensor
  • 64GB storage / 3GB RAM / micro SD support


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