Samsung Galaxy Gear – Voice Memo

Record notes and meetings on your Galaxy Gear

Samsung Galaxy Gear Voice Memo

Part of our continuing series outlining the features of the Samsung Galaxy Gear

These posts have already mentioned S Voice, Samsung’s voice command feature that is built into all recent Galaxy handsets and now the Galaxy Gear. S Voice needs to be activated from within its own application and from here you can decide to what degree and with which other apps you want it to play with.

The combination of voice recognition with speech-to-text software is really quite powerful when done well and Samsung have utilised it brilliantly in the Gear. Not only can you use these  features to respond to text message notifications that you receive, there is also a dedicated Voice Memo app for taking notes.

You can open the app the traditional way through swiping on the Gear interface and selecting or, once S Voice is set up, saying simple phrases such as “record memo” into the microphone. Once open, Voice Memo will record your speech into notes that are stored as short notes that you can read over or have spoken back to you.

3rd party support is coming to the Gear slowly and Evernote is actually available at the time of writing. Installing this extension will allow you to use it over the stock Voice Memo app, turning your spoken words into an Evernote compatible snippet that can be viewed on the Gear and transferred back over to the main app on your paired smartphone.


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