What is My Doro Manager?

The Doro range of handsets come packed with features that make the mobile life of their customers easier and safer. The Assistance Button, In Case Of Emergency and the bigger buttons and text.

Well known for their phones that offer nothing more than calling and texting the Doro range has now expanded in to the world of smartphones with the Doro 820 being their latest addition.

For some moving on from the more traditional phone and on to the what can at times be the complexed world of smartphones Doro have not only made the design and functionality of their devices just as easy but have also devised a way for family members to offer help without being with the user.


It’s called My Doro Manager and allows the configuration to the settings such as screen brightness and volume , make changes to the phones applications and even add contact details or share media files. Having this control over the handsets system by someone who may well be sat at the other end of the country adds both simplicity and confidence to someone who is taking their first steps in to the smartphone world. If settings have been changed by accident the My Doro Manager App is the prefect tool to restore things to how they were.

The app also offers the user the choice to control what someone may have permission to change and also invite others to help. From the My Manager App those who have been invited to have permission to change settings will also be able to see the activity, phone calls and texts so if there has been very little activity you may wish to get in touch to make sure all is well.

One superb way of demonstrating how My Doro Manager really comes in to play is if a number of a family member changes their number  and they are set to be notified when the Assistance Button is used they can easily change that thus providing peace of mind that it won’t get forgotten about.

The full range of Doro handsets can be found over on our website, if you have any questions do give us a call on 01202 552936. We have also put together a F&Q that tells you all you need to know about Doro, you’ll find that here. To takea look at the Doro handsets we have on offer please click the blue button below.

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