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    25+ years experience
    Founded in 1992 to target the emerging mobile computing market, Clove Technology has grown and adapted into what you see today.

    Staffed by a small, yet dedicated team, product knowledge and customer service have been paramount to our continued success for nearly 3 decades.

    Whether you plan on buying a £1,000 smartphone or a £10 case, for delivery down the road or to the other side of the world, we're here to answer any questions you might have.
    25+ Years experience
    Founded in 1992


    For over 25 years, Clove Technology have been offering great deals on mobile technology, from PDAs and mapping handhelds to modern smartphones and cellular network equipment.

    Since our inception in 1992, it has been our mission to provide great deals, with a positive and proactive approach to customer service. 

    In fact, we’re often sent emails from happy customers who have purchased via our website From time to time we'll feature some of those on this reviews page.

    We also partner with Trusted Reviews so everyone who orders on our website has the opportunity to leave a review on an impartial 3rd party site. Follow that link (or click on the Trusted Reviews badge displayed on most pages of our site) to view our rating and most recent reviews. 

    Take a look below at to see a a selection of some of customer feedback. All of these were received by email and addressed personally to our founder Chris Love. 

    Clove Reviews

    Hi Chris, 

    Thanks for your email. I purchased the LG G6 for my wife from another Internet site. The phone was fine but only came with a brief start up instruction manual in Polish. My wife wanted to understand all its functions and I spotted your site whilst browsing. 

    Your printed manual seemed ideal, saving me the trouble and time printing out 160 pages. The manual is great it's made my wife happy. 

    Many thanks.
    Regards John 

    Hi Chris, 

    Thank you for your email, it was kind of Clove to follow up after the order. I was recommended Clove by a friend as he said you were good to deal with to the Falkland Islands. I was particularly pleased that you automatically removed the VAT as it was being exported from the EU. 

    Kind Regards,


    Dear Chris, 

    Please send my deepest regards to all your staff for their heartfelt assistance. To be honest, I had a bit doubt about the item, which I ordered, and wasn’t sure it would not come in time (it is a birthday gift to my childhood best friend). 

    But the outcome has been unbelievable as well as the hospitality and remarkable assistance from your staff. I will do business with you again and hopefully to recommend Clove Technology to my friends. 

    Good day!


    Hi there, 

    Being the proud owner of BlackBerry Passport for the past 3.5 years, the KeyOne seemed to be the obvious choice and I found your website while trying to come across a reliable UK company that could ship the BlackBerry KeyOne black edition fast to Cyprus. 

    The phone is better than expected, shipping was super-fast so in short I couldn't be happier with my purchase; will definitely recommend further and will keep you in mind for future purchases. 

    Thank you very much, 


    Hi Chris, 

    I chose the Samsung phone because I have several Samsung products and have always been happy. More importantly why did I choose Clove? I did a lot of research and found the phone cheaper, but these sources, had dubious feedback and seemed to mostly operate from flats.

    Your company had good feedback, proper premises and the chap I spoke to on the phone was polite and informative. Delivery was quick, and item was as described. 

    We live in an isolated farmhouse in Northern France and DHL are the only company who find us, plus their tracking info is excellent. DCP never find us. I would use your company again. 



    Hi Chris, 

    I bought this product because I live in Guernsey and the S9 is not here yet. I know someone who works for Vodafone he recommended your site I ordered it arrived in 24 hours very happy with product thanks very much. 


    Hello Chris, 

    Thank you for your email, it is a pleasure to reserve thanks. I am not sure if my English is good enough to tell me what I feel about my experience with Clove.  I live in Finland and we do not have the HomePod available at the moment.  I am a great fan of Apple products and therefore I looked from internet possibilities to order it to Finland. 

    I did find you and ordered one.  My friends, who just like me did not know you were very pessimistic about the order.  “Let’s see if you get any, or when”.  But you did it in three days, and I am very happy with it. 

    So now you have one very happy customer in Finland and I speak loudly for you. 

    All the best to you and warm regards from Finland!


    Hi Chris,

    I live in Cyprus and had the device delivered to an address in the UK, so it will be a while before I get my hands on it - probably another 3 weeks.

    However, I have bought from Clove before and found you reliable. I actually queried which Samsung tablet I should get and settled on the Tab A which I will use for Chromecasting Netflix, Eurosport Player and Spotify to our living room TV. (My old tablet is too early a version of Android to do this.) I will also use the new tablet for Sudoku and crossword puzzles. 



    Hi Chris, 

    I also take the opportunity to thank you for your e-mail (and thanks to your team behind it!). I'm delighted with my purchase which exceeds my expectations. 

    I bought my item with Clove as I wanted to buy a specific and genuine Blackberry product that you were the only website to sell (from the quick survey I made). 

    Being French and living in France, I must admit I never heard about your website and thus checked its reliability and found out that Clove is granted a very good rate by consumers.

    All lights turned to green and it was a go to buy my item! 

    Last and although choosing the cheapest delivery rate (i.e., with no tracking number), I was anxious that the item would not be sent properly or that I wouldn't receive it at all.

    Well, not only was it packaged very neatly but it arrived before the estimated timeline. 

    So, thanks for everything. I'll make sure to spread the word about Clove in Paris! 



    Hi Chris, 

    I purchased the Galaxy S9 Plus, because I usually get bored of tech fairly fast. I don't upgrade as frequently now, but it's probably still more than the typical consumer. (I used to get a new mobile phone every 2-3 months on average). 

    I purchased that item from Clove due to a number of reasons: 

    • Many people online vouch for Clove as being really great overall (e.g. XDA forums)
    • Clove offers one of the specific international "unlocked" models that I was looking for
    • Other online sellers/sources sold what I was looking for (including in larger 256GB storage models) but they didn't look anywhere as reputable as Clove
    • The Clove email contact support is helpful and responds fast 



    Hi Chris, 

    I just wanted to thank you and your team on the great work. Always been very careful to order online as there are t0o many scary stories and false ads in online forums. Having read countless positive articles on XDA forums about you guys, I finally used your service and I was pleasantly surprised how smooth everything went.

    Even though I mention XDA I am not a member there that’s just where I found most of the posts about you. Now I wonder why I did not use you sooner. Great job, thank you!



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