Chimparty - PlayLink - PS4

Chimparty - PlayLink - PS4

Chimparty - PlayLink - PS4

Chimparty - PlayLink - PS4
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Chimparty - PlayLink - PS4 Overview

Funky monkeys

Grab your smart device and stake your claim as a jungle VIP in this multiplayer PlayLink game, where up to four players can battle it out across 18 wacky mini-games, with 90 levels between them.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re new to gaming or the King Kong player among friends and family, there’s something for everyone here, from flinging your chimp into a hoop to escaping your rivals in a manic tag contest.

You can choose different game modes offering play for 1-4 players. So, there is plenty of fun for everyone.

Key Features

Easy-to-learn gameplay

Using your smart device as a controller, each mini-game is accessible and intuitive. Simply use one on-screen button with skill and timing, to jump, float, run, paint and more.

Enjoy five different themes

Play across a prehistoric jungle, haunted castle, pirate harbour, alien landscape and wizard’s manor, with changes in gravity, shape-changing antics and interactive elements to watch out for.

Customise your chimp champ

Give your cheeky monkey the look of a winner, with selectable headgear, accessories and shoes, with the chance to unlock more as you play. And all your customisations and progress will stay on the Chimparty app, no matter which PS4 you play on.