Firewall VR - PS4

Firewall VR - PS4

Firewall VR - PS4

Firewall VR - PS4
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Firewall Zero Hour – PS4

Eyes on target

Teamwork is everything in this intense squad-based shooter – put on your PlayStation VR headset, gather an arsenal of equipment, and prepare for blistering combat.

Choose from 12 experienced mercenaries and familiarize yourself with a selection of upgradeable weapons. Will you lock and load with the attacking squadron, tasked to obtain valuable data in a hostile environment? Or will you be on the frontlines of the defending team, making sure the data is kept out of enemy hands by any means necessary?

Immerse yourself in battle with PlayStation VR

Firewall Zero Hour takes full advantage of PS VR, dropping you head first into each operation with full 360 degree vision of the combat zone. 3D audio lets you hear your enemy’s every move, while full freedom of movement gives you the ability to quickly act out tactical decisions.

Want an even sharper edge on the battlefield? Take advantage of the precision tracking of the PlayStation VR aim controller, and own every shot.

Game Modes

Training mode

Single player (player vs environment)

Enter one of the nine scenarios solo, hone your skills and earn XP to help boost your multiplayer game progres

Training mode

Multiplayer co-op (player vs environment)

Public – join a team of carefully selected mercenaries to take on a computer-controlled army and earn Experience points, as well as glory.

Private – set up a private match with your friends against computer-controlled opponents.

Contracts mode

Multiplayer competitive (player vs player)

Public – join a squad of well-trained mercs to take on a rival player team, and earn in-game currency and Experience points.

Private – create a private match with your friends.

A PlayStation VR and Camera are needed to play this game.