No Man's Sky - Beyond - PS4 - PS VR

No Man's Sky - Beyond - PS4 - PS VR

No Man's Sky - Beyond - PS4 - PS VR
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No Man's Sky - Beyond - PS4 - PS VR

No Man's Sky - Beyond - PS4 - PS VR
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No Man's Sky - Beyond - PS4 Overview

Explore the universe on PlayStation VR

The latest update from Hello Games adds a whole host of much-requested features to No Man's Sky, including full, end-to-end support for PlayStation VR.

No Man's Sky Beyond brings an immmersive new dimension to Hello Games' near infinite sci-fi universe through PS VR.

Climb inside the cockpit of your interstellar starship and control its thrust, pitch and direction simply by taking hold of the joystick. Then, from on high, peer down at the unexplored alien terrain beneath you and pick out a spot to land.

Once on the ground, reach into your backpack to retrieve your multi-tool and switch between its many functions by simply reaching out and touching it, then reshape the landscape with perfect, free-handed precision.

Not only this, create your own emotes in multiplayer as you casually wave to other travellers friends or fist bump your PS VR peers.

No Man’s Sky Beyond is the entire game brought to life with the power of PS VR. Anything possible in No Man’s Sky is now possible on PlayStation VR.

Infinity is yours to uncover

A journey from the farthest depths of space to answer the call of an irresistible mystery at the centre of the galaxy.

Plot your course through a living, breathing universe on an unprecedented scale and discover new worlds from a possible 18,446,744,073,709,551,616 unique planets. Uncover new species, gather precious resources and forever mark your celestial realms on the galactic map for other cosmonauts to visit.

Forge your own path as a trader, explorer, bounty hunter, miner, pirate or any interstellar role you’re drawn to and amass the fortune you’ll need to upgrade your ship and gear. As you venture closer to your goal, your voyage will become more perilous, drawing you into space combat on a grand scale – and ever closer to the truth that lies at the centre of the cosmos.


Journey from the outer reaches of a vast galaxy teeming with planets, creatures and alien races and leave your mark on the universe.


Fight to survive in an unknown galaxy filled with dangerous pirates, aggressive creatures and the ruthless justice of the all-seeing Sentinels.