PS VR Move Controllers - Twin Pack

PS VR Move Controllers - Twin Pack

PS VR Move Controllers - Twin Pack

PS VR Move Controllers - Twin Pack
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Sony PlayStation Move Motion Controller – Twin Pack Overview

An Extension of your own Hands.

When you are in the depth of Virtual Reality, using the DualShock controller just doesn’t feel natural. You want a more intuitive way to interact within the immersive worlds.

Perfect for Virtual Reality

The PlayStation Move Motion Controllers offer an enhanced way to experience PlayStation VR. With each hand being able to seamlessly control your actions on screen accuracy. Due to their lightweight design, and advanced motion sensor tracking.

Ergonomic design

Feel an extraordinary connection to amazing virtual worlds, thanks to the comfortable design and vibration feedback.

Accurate tracking

Experience an astonishing sense of presence with built-in motion sensors, and colour changing sphere which is tracked by the PlayStation Camera.

Intuitive interface

Take full control of your VR experiences with an easy-to-use button layout, including a large, dedicated trigger and the familiar DUALSHOCK 4 wireless controller PS and action buttons.