VIVE Tracker 2018

VIVE Tracker 2018

VIVE Tracker 2018

This product has been discontinued and is no longer available for sale.

An alternative may be linked to in the description.

VIVE Tracker 2018 - Overview


The VIVE Tracker creates a wireless and seamless connection between your attached tools and the VIVE system. It is also possible to attach a DSLR camera to the VIVE Tracker to make mixed reality videos increasing the possibilities and fun.


With the new VIVE Tracker, you are now free to develop VR games and experiences that were never possible before. With a compact, highly flexible, easy to attach tracker, you’ll be able to design a pair of gloves to play musical instruments or rock climb. Or a ping pong paddle for more convenience and a more complete experience.

Always ensure play area is entirely clear of all objects, obstacles and other individuals when using VIVE Tracker on any object intended to be moved while wearing the VIVE headset.