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Nokia SIM Free Phones for Sale

Buy Cheap SIM Free Nokia Phones Unlocked

Since its return in 2017, Nokia has continued to bring us unique and impressive mobile phones. Along with some interesting retro phones like the Nokia 3310 and 8110 4G, which have been updated for modern audiences, we have a wide range of cheap Nokia SIM Free phones for all occasions.

Many of their new smartphones adhere to Android One requirements, guaranteeing that they benefit from the latest improvements to the platform, plus with quick access to updates and security patches.

As they continue to innovate, we look forward to seeing more from Nokia with more superb designs in the pipeline alongside the great features you would expect from this trusted brand.

Nokia Phones: SIM Free & Unlocked Deals

Our current range includes the popular Nokia 8, 2019 model. It’s one of our best-selling SIM Free Nokia phones for sale, powered by Android. If you buy from us, it will be delivered quickly and cheaply, with the promise of being SIM free and unlocked for any network, just like all our new Nokia phones are.

About Nokia Phones

Nokia is a Finnish consumer electronics company, best known for their ground-breaking mobile phones from the 1990s and early 2000s. In fact, in the year 2000, such was the popularity of their phones that the company accounted for 4% of Finland’s GDP!

Whilst in the early part of this century, their phones became less popular, they have recently re-entered the market with a new range of phones, many of which hark back to the early days.

The new line of Nokia SIM free mobile phones is proving very popular, with consumers loving the return to retro styles, partnered with the functionality you would expect from a modern smartphone.

Why Buy from Clove?

Aside from the cheap Nokia phones, SIM Free, and unlocked benefits, you will also be buying from the one of the UK’s most trusted sellers of smartphones.

Whether you are a first-time buyer or an experienced smartphone user, Clove provides reliable, friendly, independent advice when it comes to comparing and choosing a new handset.

As smartphone users ourselves, with over 20 years’ experience, we understand the importance of finding the right device for you. Contact us on 44(0)1202 552936, or email