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Windows Phone Smartphones

Windows Phone Smartphones

Windows Phone provides an intelligent and professional operating system for modern smartphones.

Chances are you use Microsoft software on your home or work PC, be that the Windows OS itself, Office products for work or study, as well as Outlook for emails. So why not take the plunge with Windows Phone and synchronise everything seamlessly?

We expect a lot from our smartphones: messaging, maps, social media integration and more - Windows Phone delivers in all of these areas. Every Windows phone features Office integration, including OneNote and OneDrive for cloud storage and sharing. You can view and update documents on the move then make them available to everyone required without any compatibility worries.

HERE Maps, developed with Nokia for the Lumia range is now considered one of the best available pieces of navigation software, with turn by turn directions, traffic alerts, detailed international maps downloadable for free and a huge amount of stored points of interest.

The most recent Windows Phone devices also have support for Cortana, Microsoft's new personal assistant. Powered by Microsoft Bing, Cortana can learn your personal habits and help provide you with suggestions, reminders, answers to questions and generally let life carry on a little more smoothly.

If you have any questions then feel free to contact us on 44 (0)1202 552936 or email