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Sugru Mouldable Glue

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Sugru Mouldable Glue - Black and White - 8 pack
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Sugru Mouldable Glue Overview

Sugru Use Case 3"Mouldable Glue" sure sounds interesting, but what exactly is it? Sugru is similar in consistency to Blu-Tak, Play Dough, Silly Putty and other sticky, malleable products, however it's a lot more secure and usable in a wider range of environments.

The silicone technology used by Sugru is entirely unique and patented. No-one else has a formula quite like this.

Sugru is designed to stick to prcatically anything - metal, plastic, wood, ceramic - you name it and Sugru will almost certainly stick to it.

You can mould and form the Sugru into a rubbery texture into just about any shape you like, then after you leave it alone and exposed to air to let it set, it will be solid and securely bonded in almost any normal environment.


  • Sugru is sticky - you can affix it to a wide array of materials such as wood, glass, metal, ceramics and plastics, even bonding diffrent materials together.

Sugru Use 1Mouldable

  • Sugru is mouldable - out of the box you can mould sugru into whatever shape you need


  • Sugru is flexible - after the Sugru has set, the resulting putty is still flexible. It won't be mouldable anymore, however it can still bend

Strong & resilient

  • Sugru is resilient - once the Sugru has cured it is resistant to the elements so you can use it outside. It can withstand cold and hot tempreratures, is water resistant, doesn't fade in sunlight and doesn't mind salt water either!

Sugru Use Case 2

Soft & grippy

  • Sugru sets like rubber - when the Sugru has cured, the final result feels like other silicone rubber products. It is soft to the touch and very grippy, which makes it a great choice to use on handles or other slippy surfaces

Reasons to buy Sugru Mouldable Glue

  • Mouldable silicone putty
  • 30 minutes to mould and shape, 24 hours to set in place
  • Results are soft, flexible, waterproof, durable, and temperature / pressure resistant

Sugru Technical Information

  • Sugru is a formulation of Formerol - a patented formable silicone technology. Specifically it's Formerol F.10. Formerol can be designed with variable physical properties, but Sugru (F.10) is the version best suited for a mass produced consumer application.

  • Sugru and Formerol are both listed in Material Connexion, MateriO, and universities around the world including Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design, Delft University of Technology, and Harvard University Design School

  • Sugru has a Shore A hardness of 70, Density of 1.3g/cm3, Tensile Strength of 1.89 MPa, Youngs Modulus of 5.59MPa, a Strain to Failure of 211%, DIN Abrasion Resistance of 24% ARI index (Standard used ISO4649 Method A), Electrical Resistivity - Surface 1.40 x 1014 Ohms (Standard used BS903), Electrical Resistivity - Volume 2.55 x 1014 Ohms (Standard used BS903), and a Williams Plasticity of 160mm.



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