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    25+ Years experience
    Founded in 1992

    Ways you can use the CAT S60

    The CAT S60 is very well known for its rugged design, protection against falls, water and the thermal camera.

    Thermal Image of Smartphone CAT S60

    Having these features often leads people to believe that this handset is only for use by people in the manual labour industry such as builders, plumbers and electricians etc.

    However this reputation isn’t completely correct because the CAT S60 has many other outstanding features. It may even be the phone for you.

    Here are some scenarios in which you can use the CAT S60 and its thermal camera:


    Competitive advantage

    • Check insulation on property
    • Identify damp areas
    • Check fluid levels on machinery
    • Generate real time reports
    • Spot overheating machinery
    • Impact resistant MIL spec 810g

    You can use the thermal camera to measure the surface temperature enabling you to ensure the insulation is effective.

    The thermal camera will also allow you to identify damp spots around a building allowing you to proceed in resolving the issue. As well as spotting damp areas you will be able to measure fluid levels on machinery and make sure the machinery is not overheating.

    When checking that all of these potential issues are being monitored you can create real time reports from a touch of a button on the CAT S60, which allows you to complete a report on a work sight right there and then.

    In the construction industry there is a lot of physical work being done, this means things will be knocked, dropped and take heavy impacts. You will not need to worry about damaging your phone with the CAT S60 because it has a MIL spec 810G rating which means it will survive falls onto concrete from a height of 1.8 meters.



    Find hidden faults

    • See blockages in pipes
    • Find water leaks
    • Identify damp spots
    • Gauge liquid level in sealed containers
    • Find hot and cold pipes
    • See the accurate temperatures of pipes
    • Identify weak points in joints
    • Water resistant up to 5 metres

    Being able to see the temperatures of pipes will enable you to not only locate hot and cold pipes but also see any leaks.

    If there is a leak of some kind, it may create a damp spot which you will simply be able to see with the S60’s impressive thermal camera.

    You will be able to very simply measure the gauge liquid level in sealed containers, so you will always know what you are dealing with, allowing you to complete your job more efficiently.

    You may need to know the temperature of a pipe is correct to ensure everything is working as it should, the thermal camera will make this task easy as you can accurately read the temperature of specific areas within view of the thermal camera.

    Most electronic devices are not water resistant. Not ideal when you are working with water.

    With the CAT S60 you will not have to worry about water damage to your handset because it has been made with this in mind. The phone itself can survive immersion in fresh water at a depth of 2 meters for 30 minutes. Flicking the switch by the speakers enables you go as deep as 5 metres. CAT has done a very good job when it comes to water resistance.


    S60 Thermal Applications

    Prevent damage

    • Find sockets drawing to much electricity
    • Prevent faults by inspecting valuable electronics
    • Find concealed wiring
    • Spot overheating electronics

    When an electrical socket is drawing to much electricity the plug may heat up which can be seen by the CAT S60’s thermal camera allowing you pinpoint issues.

    Being able to see accurate temperatures with the thermal camera you can inspect valuable electronics to see if anything is overheating. Avoid costly repairs and machine downtime by detecting and repairing the faulty part sooner rather than later.

    Hidden wiring within a wall and it can be difficult to find. Switch on the FLIR camera to find that hidden wiring with a lot less effort!

    These are just a couple of examples of how the CAT S60 can save you time, money and effort.

    Search and Rescue

    Quicker, Safer

    • Locating missing persons
    • Search large areas of ground quickly
    • See through most smoke (Fire fighting)
    • Conduct searches easily in the dark
    • See temperature of objects/rooms
    • Check areas are safe to re-enter
    • Check fluid levels on containers

    If you have to search for missing persons, you will be able to do it easier with the eye-catching CAT S60. Pick up that person as a heat source with the thermal image functionality.

    There are different modes on the Flir camera which you can use to make a missing persons search easier which are: Iron, white hot, black hot, rainbow, contrast, arctic, lava, coldest and hottest. Each of these modes could be used at different times in different situations to get optimal use out of the CAT S60’s Flir camera.

    You will be able to search large areas of ground very quickly due to being able to scan for people over a field or forest etc. If you do not see any silhouettes then you can move on to the next area and repeat the same process.

    The camera will allow you to see through smoke in most cases, this could be used for fire fighting while trying to see if any persons remain within a burning building.

    CAT S60 Screenshot


    High-tech camping

    • Measure outdoor cooking temperatures
    • Check a fire is fully extinguished
    • Find people in the dark
    • Check insulation of a sleeping bag
    • Check for animals in a campsite
    • Rugged design to prevent damage to handset

    When you go camping its always nice to cook some food on a barbecue however when cooking meat you will need to make sure its cooking at a high enough temperature, with the S60 you can measure this.

    Had a campfire burning? Make sure that it has been put out correctly, all you need to do is use the Flir camera to check whether there are any hot and avoid any risk of reigniting.

    Not all campsites are lit up enough so you can get lost in the dark or lose a friend very easily. To simply find someone you can scan the area and look for heat in the silhouette of a body and you can find whoever you’re looking for.

    Your thermal camera will be able to pick up heat from lots of things including animals. If you would like to see nature and have a look at the local deer you will be able to spot them from a reasonable distance.


    S60 Thermal Applications

    Innovate and improve

    • Measure engine temperature
    • Inspect efficiency of cooling system
    • Spot leaks in pipes/radiators
    • Check for binding brakes
    • Spot leaks from the exhaust system
    • Measure tyre temperature (check for even wear)

    If you are a mechanic you may want to check whether the engine is running correctly use the thermal camera.

    Make sure heat is coming from the correct place and that the correct things are being cooled. Spot air leaks and help diagnose faults.

    You can even spot whether or not breaks are binding and tyres are wearing evenly.

    Veterinary and Farming

    Instant insight

    • Check for inflamed areas
    • Quickly find livestock in a field
    • Find lost/hidden pets
    • Find hotspots on skin surfaces
    • Check the temperature of an animal
    • Check machinery to prevent overheating

    Having a CAT S60 on a farm could be very useful in a range of situations.

    Firstly you will be able to check for hot spots and inflamed areas on a animal even through fur, allowing you to possibly diagnose and treat the animal before the symptoms or issue get worse.

    If the farm is large it can be a struggle to find livestock, the S60 could come in very handy. Simply look for heat sources within the farm’s fields to find the animals then proceed onto putting them where they may need to go for shelter and rest. This could save a lot of time.

    When working on a farm you may need to use machinery to increase efficiency, if the machinery broke it could hinder the production and operations. With the Flir camera you can check whether the machinery is overheating, preventing damage and potetentially saving down time and money.


    Home and lifestyle

    Capture everything

    • Home security
    • Search for a missing pet or spot wildlife
    • General DIY, check your home insulation/air drafts
    • Take artistic photography and video
    • Check food and grill temperatures
    • Check the gas levels for a barbeque
    • Locate pests

    With the S60 there are many uses you can utilise in and around your home.

    If you have lost your cat, dog or even a hamster you can easily conduct a search with the thermal camera by looking around in dark places such as bushes.

    For general DIY, look for overheating, damp areas and even checking your insulation.

    If you love photography you can take some very artistic photos using the Flir camera to show to all of your friends and family, when was the last time you took or saw a thermal image?!

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